Keeping up with those goals can be hard! And research estimates that very few people keep their goals or new years resolutions pass the end of January. But you are going to be in the minority this time around right?! It’s never too late to figure out ways to see your goals come to pass and building systems of review can help you make sure you stay on track.  Here are 4 things I recommend you do to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.  I want you to be



Review often! My recommendation is to:

  • Daily- Do a simple read through of all your goals.  Just read it! Don’t start analyzing what you didn’t do yet or how far off you are- just read them.  Also, think of a few next steps for the goals you are focusing on for the quarter. Take no more than 5 minutes. This is just a quick “what were those things I said I wanted to do” check.

    Answer the question: What can I do today that will move my goals down the field?

  • Weekly- This review goes a little deeper. Take some time, review the goals you are focusing on and come up with some next steps to accomplish during the following week. Review your “Why’s”.  Every goal you have should have a “why” behind it.  That “why” pushes you through the messy middle of the goals.  Time on this would be the most, 20mins.

    Answer the questions: Did I make any progress on my goal this past week? What do I need to change? What task can I set out to do and complete this week to move my goals closer to completion?

  • Quarterly- Now this is the review that will take time. Every quarter you should take some time to celebrate goals you’ve accomplished and review other goals.  Ask the question: Is this goal still relevant in your life? If you need to recommit to a goal that you let lapse go ahead do that! Revise it if you need to and the last resort would be to get rid of it or replace it!

    Answer the questions: Am I still dedicated to this goal? Should I keep it? Can I complete this goal given my current life schedule? What do I need to change to make major progress on this goal, if I decide to keep it?

    By the way, you need to schedule these review times. What gets scheduled gets done. 


  • Develop triggers that will help you do the goal. (I’ll tell you more about triggers in my next post!)

  • Develop habits that make the accomplishment of your goal part of your life. 

    • You want to pray more? Create a morning routine that includes dedicated time in prayer.

    • Want to make exercise a part of your daily life? Create a morning or evening routine that includes it and then build triggers to remind you!

  • Build an environment that makes you want to make progress towards your goal

    • Have a desire to write more? Create a place in your home that beckons you to write. 



Come up with a good reward for accomplishing the goal!  Think of something that you would love to do but wouldn’t just do on your own.  Set it up as a reward for your hard work and keep that reward somewhere where you remember the goodness that is coming at the accomplishment of your goal!

Examine and set next steps

Take some time today and come up with the next step for your goals. 

  • What’s the next easiest thing you can do to move your goal forward?

  • Write it down.  Have some place where you have all of your goals, your triggers, your key motivations at hand.

These are just four things you can do to make sure your goals become an important part of your life and not just a passing New’s Years Resolution that you forget within a month!  Being RARE doesn’t have to be complicated but it does take some planning. Are you going to be RARE with me this year? Drop a comment if you’re trying to do something different this year!

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